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Physics/EP Private Tutor Listing

University can be hard on even the best of us, and sometimes having a tutor can help us catch up and keep up with challenging courses. To help the PSS members and other students that are struggling with physics courses, we have gathered together a list of tutors that are offering help in Physics and Engineering Physics courses. You can find their contact information below.

We have not verified any of the tutors; we offer this page simply as a place where students can find contact information for tutors. The responsibility of arranging times and methods of payment are left to you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the webmaster.

Chris Rothchris.roth@usask.caPHYSICS, MATH AND ENGINEERING (1ST & 2ND YEAR)
Bassey Bassybassey.bassy@usask.caPHYSICS (1ST YEAR)
Thomas Tolhursttmt393@mail.usask.caPHYSICS (1ST&2ND YEAR) MATH (1ST YEAR)
Siddartha Choudhurysic434@mail.usask.caUNIVERSITY LEVEL PHYSICS
Arnab Majumdararnabmajumdar89@gmail.comPHYSICS (115,125,117)
Alibazi Behbahani Rezrea164@mail.usask.caPHYSICS (1ST&2ND YEAR)
Sandeep Kaur Littskl378@mail.usask.caPHYSICS AND MATH (1ST YEAR)
Adeleke Adebayoaaa238@mail.usask.caPHYSICS (115)
Ethan Rungeeerunge@hotmail.ca PHYSICS (1ST YEAR)
Caelia Gardinercaeliagardiner@gmail.comMATH AND EP (1ST YEAR)
Dave Ebenal306-653-1188PHYSICS AND MATH (1ST YEAR)
Joseph Adegunjoseph.jacob@usask.caMATH (1ST YEAR)
Jason Hoj.ho@usask.caPHYSICS (1ST&2ND YEAR)

New Tutor Registration

If you will be tutoring courses in the upcoming Fall 2014-2015 term, please fill out the form below. Your information will be reviewed and should appear within two business days. While you may list courses other than Physics and EP courses, you must be tutoring at least one Physics/EP course as that is the main intention of this webpage.

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