CUPC 2011 at U of S: October 13-16, 2011

October 13, 2011Posted by Victoria


We regretfully forgot to cite these sources: On the External Tours page of the booklet, we used a Flickr photo of the CLS courtesy of U of S Web Programmer and Analyst Daryl Mitchell. The cover and nametags used another Flickr image of plasma, courtesy of Joelk75.

Here is our student newspaper article about the conference:





October 11, 2011Posted by Wilson


The conference booklet is posted at Booklet and Errata. It's HUGE though, but it is a good overall guide.

The cutting edge (and UGLY - sorry about that) talks and posters handout is at Talks and Posters.

The conference is nearing! I will update the room and talk page shortly and send out another email.

Due to the Air Canada strike notice (12.01am Thursday) you may want to rebook. Air Canada will let you rebook and it may allow for a refund of the flight, if you want to try through another carrier (Westjet). I'd definitely recommend you look under Transit and use our conference code on a phone-in Westjet booking, since these last minute flights can be expensive without it. Apparently Air Canada will not be striking this week due to some governmental fastball. It's still good to stay wary though :).

I will also post an emergency contact phone number and hotel room number for you to contact us with if there are any difficulties in arriving at the hotel or checking in.

Registration is now closed. Contact me if you wish to pay with credit card through Paypal; otherwise you must pay cash or cheque at the door.

I've also just been told that we can no longer accept refunds - if you cancel from now on you're in it for the room charge and food costs. I feel better saying that now that Air Canada isn't messing things up, though...





September 22, 2011Posted by Wilson


Hotel Bookings END on September 23, 2011

The hotel needs final name counts by then, and so you MUST register tonight or early, early tomorrow if you wish to have hotel accommodations.

If you don't need a hotel room then you still have about a week to register.

Also note that student talks will be 15 minutes in total - 12 minute talk and 3 minutes for questions.





September 18, 2011Posted by Wilson


Important Registration Update:

Registration will not close, nor will we assess a late penalty. However, we are booking 22 spaces in the hotel beyond our current registration number (if you contacted me about registering late, I've got a small buffer on that number that I won't give away...but you should fill out the registration form as soon as you can, to make sure). Keep registering...I'll post again once those rooms are gone.

If we don't get your abstract by Friday September 23 (just send it in an email), it unfortunately will not appear in our booklet, as that's when we need to send it off for printing. You may still register beyond that date, and you will be able to give a talk/poster, but it will only appear in the online proceedings.

Finally, I have just sent out an email to our current mailing list. If you didn't receive it, you should email me to make sure you're on there!





September 14, 2011Posted by David



Check out our poster for quicklook info.





September 7, 2011Posted by Wilson



Student registrations have been extended until September 18, 2011, 11.59pm CST, without penalty. After this date there will either be a late registration fee, or else we will not be able to guarantee room assignments (registration for the conference alone will be acceptable at any time up to the conference date).

Stay tuned for details! The tour information will be posted shortly, and you will get an email regarding tour preferences within the next month.

We still have remaining financial assistance funds from the CAP. If you are in a position where you may not otherwise be able to attend the conference, please email help [at] and I will connect you with a financial assistance form.





August 19, 2011Posted by Wilson



If you like social media, visit our Twitter feed!





August 19, 2011Posted by Wilson



Student registration is now active! Please register for the conference by September 12 18, 2011!

We also have a flight booking deal for you (see Transit for details).





December 15, 2010Posted by Wilson



As hosts of one of the largest and best undergraduate conferences in Canada, the University of Saskatchewan is proud to welcome you to our patron city, Saskatoon. The amazing display of student research that is CUPC 2011 will take place from October 13 to 16.

Every year, CUPC provides undergraduates in physics and engineering physics (and even related fields) with the opportunity to network with other students, watch plenary talks by leading physicists, partake in industry and university tours, and experience a long weekend at a new university campus. Generally, students present any research they have performed through coursework or summer employment, but no one is forcing you to give a talk or poster; you can come for the experience alone.

The city of Saskatoon is mid-size with a population of about 220 000 people. A notable perk is the free city-provided wireless internet all through the downtown core and on campus.

The University of Saskatchewan boasts the Canadian Light Source (CLS), a 2.9 GeV synchrotron used for probing the structure of matter, advanced medical imaging, and material science research. We also possess the STOR-M tokamak, Canada's first tokamak, and the only tokamak device in Canada dedicated to magnetic fusion research. Our Institute for Space and Atmospheric Studies (ISAS) was formed in 1956, and is a research institute devoted to studying ionospheric and atmospheric events, solar activity and climate, and the aurora. With 35 members, the institute is the largest and most comprehensive space-terrestrial physics institute in Canada. We also boast one of the few engineering physics programs in Canada, and our unification of engineering physics and physics under one roof makes us uniquely able to seamlessly merge application with theory.