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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the PSS will be happening this coming Monday (April 4th). At this meeting we will vote on the new executive members, talk about boring stuff, and have FREE PIZZA! FREE PIZZA!!! (Monday, April 4th)

Tuesday March 29th 08:22:04 PM 2016 by Bryce


Hello Students,

The Physics Students' Society will be holding its annual tshirt sale, beginning next week! Orders can be placed anytime from Monday, February 22 to Monday, February 29. Each shirt will cost $20 and comes in a variety of colours. See the attached document for this year's designs. To make a purchase drop by the table in foyer or speak to a PSS executive. Feel free to email krd020@mail.usask.ca with any questions.

Best, Kimberlee

Sunday February 21st 08:40:51 PM 2016 by

BoardGames and Beer!!

The PSS is hosting its first event of the New Year! Join us at the Woods Ale House on Friday, January 22nd, for a fun filled night of BoardGames and Beer! The event is planned to begin at 6 pm but will carry on into the night. Make sure to bring along your PSS rewards card to get some sweet deals!

Saturday January 16th 03:47:02 PM 2016 by


This is upcoming week is certainly an exciting one for the PSS! First, we will be having a sweater sale all of next week. The sweaters will cost forty dollars and you will be able to choose the color. If you are interested in buying a sweater, head to the physics lounge and ask one of the PSS members for help. The other very exciting (and possibly spooky) event this week is the PSS Halloween movie night. This event will be happening at 8:00pm on Friday in the physics lounge, and will include FREE PIZZA & BEVERAGES! If that isn’t enough incentive to come I don’t know what is.

Sunday October 25th 10:16:18 PM 2015 by Bryce

Student-Faculty Mixer

Each year the Physics Student Society puts on a student-faculty mixer. This is a chance for students to hear a wide range of faculty members speak about their current research interests. It is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students to find out about research that matches their own interests, as well as discover the possibilities for summer work and graduate studies within our department. If that isn't tempting enough, there will be free snacks and coffee following the talks. So mark your calendars for WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21 @ 4:30pm. We will be meeting in phys 103. I hope to see you there!

Saturday October 17th 09:07:05 PM 2015 by Kimberlee


This Friday from 2:30 - 5:00 the PSS will be hosting a CLOTHING/ITEM SWAP in the Physics Lounge! In order to participate bring out any items or clothes you no longer want and donate them to the event. Afterwards, you are free to take any other items which were donated that may catch your eye. Good items to bring include books, clothing, games, blankets etc. As always, all students are welcome, so invite your friends!

Tuesday October 13th 07:34:46 PM 2015 by Bryce

CUPC 2015

Hello Physics and Engineering Physics undergrads!

This fall Trent University will be hosting the 51st annual Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference (CUPC) on October 22-25 at Peterborough, ON.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience with conferences and presentation skills. You have the opportunity to either present a poster or give a talk, and you get to learn about what students at different universities are doing. This is a great way of finding out what schools might be of interest for grad school applications or summer research projects. Additionally, undergraduates need not present research to attend CUPC.

The conference also has many fun events, including tours of Trent University, a pub crawl, and plenty of free time to meet new people.

There may be funding available from the Physics Department and the PSS to help cover the costs of attending the conference. To learn more about possible funding from the department, contact Marj Granrude in the general office in Physics room 162. For funding from the PSS, also contact Hope Boyce (PSS VP Finance).

If you want to learn more about the conference, visit cupc.ca and feel free to contact me! I would highly recommend attending the conference! I attended it last year in Kingston and had an amazing time.

Taylor - PSS Member at Large

Sunday September 20th 08:55:00 PM 2015 by Bryce


The PEGASUS Welcome Back BBQ will be happening at 5:00pm Tuesday at the UofS GSA commons. Tickets for entry are $5 and the BBQ will include vegetarian, gluten free, and halal options, as well as beer and wine. Additionally, the PSS has two very exciting events coming up. We have a Scavenger Hunt on Wednesday, starting at 6:30pm in the Physics Lounge. As well, we have our BAR DEAL Membership Night happening at 7:00pm on Thursday at The Woods Alehouse. The BAR DEAL night will include everyone getting their membership cards as well as some FOOD/BEER sampling!! All of these events are going to be a lot of fun so make sure to come out!

Sunday September 13th 05:01:13 PM 2015 by Bryce

PSS AGM Reminder

Just a reminder that the PSS AGM will be held in Physics 175 at 4:30 PM today. Those in attendance will get free pizza! Make sure you come to have your say.

Monday April 06th 01:35:03 PM 2015 by Taylor


The PSS Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday, April 6th, 2015 at 4:30 PM. Location will be determined later this week. Free pizza will be available for those in attendance.

Among other things, elections for the 2015-2016 PSS executive and possible changes to the constitution will take place.

Tuesday March 31st 03:21:13 PM 2015 by Taylor

Last Day to Buy Grad Banquet Tickets

Tomorrow (March 25th) will be the absolute last day to buy your grad banquet tickets! See Debbie in the physics office to purchase your ticket! Even if you aren't graduating, think about coming anyway to support the event! The food should be delicious, and it should be a fun night!

Tuesday March 24th 06:58:44 PM 2015 by Taylor

PSS Update (Pubcrawl, Shirt Sales, PSS Teaching Award)

Hello PSS members! Here's an update on the things that are going on with the PSS right now.

The Magic School Bus Pubcrawl tickets are now being sold by PSS executive at $10 each. The pubcrawl will take place on March 6th and will start at 6:30pm at the Sutherland Bar. Feel free to invite your non-physics friends to attend as well!

The PSS shirt sale is now underway. To place an order for a shirt or to purchase a shirt with previous years' designs, talk to Madeline or visit the table that will be set up in the main open area of the main floor of physics. New shirts are being sold at $20-25 and old designs are being sold at a discounted $10. Designs for the shirts can be found here.

And last, but not least, we are now accepting nominations for the PSS Teaching Award. Stop by the physics student lounge to submit your nomination before March 6th. This is a great opportunity for us to recognize the amazing teaching in the physics department! Voting will then run March 9th-13th.

I hope this term has been treating you all well!

Wednesday February 25th 04:51:49 PM 2015 by Taylor Bell

Shirt Design Poll

A new poll has just been added to the website allowing you to vote on designs and slogans for the upcoming 2015 PSS Shirt Sale. Feel free to add more slogans!! The ability to add images will hopefully be available soon.

Friday January 30th 06:45:41 PM 2015 by Taylor

2014 Santa Hat Pub Crawl

2014 Santa Hat Pub Crawl brought to you by the Physics Students' Society!! The pub crawl will take place on Friday, November 21, 2014 - Santa hats will be provided. Invite your friends! Tickets are $10. Talk to a PSS executive member (Jason Denis, Eric Peach, Madeline Berezowski, Hope Boyce, or Taylor Bell) to purchase a ticket.

Itinerary: Meet at the Sutherland Bar (The Scuz) at 6:30 From there we will be going to: The Branch Winston's The Hose & Hydrant Then back to the Scuz!

Friday November 14th 05:07:02 PM 2014 by Taylor

PSS Lab Night

The PSS will be hosting a lab night on November 5th! If you are interested in seeing the cool research labs that most people don't get to see, come on out and see all the things that researchers get to do! Meet at the Physics Lounge at 6:15 so we can get everybody organized. We will then begin touring different labs in the physics building in smaller groups! Please join the event here ON OR BEFORE November 4th so we can plan the layout of the tours. Snacks and boardgames will be provided afterwards, so feel free to hang around after!

Wednesday October 29th 11:44:28 AM 2014 by Taylor

PSS Pumpkin Carving

Come down to the physics lounge (it's the room in the basement of the physics building with a glass wall) on Monday, October 27, 2014 at 7pm to do some pumpkin carving! Bring your own pumpkin. Carvings tools will be provided. There will be free candy!

Wednesday October 22nd 10:40:23 PM 2014 by Taylor

Physics Student-Faculty Mixer

The Physics Student Society will be hosting a student-faculty mixer at 3:30PM on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 in room 130 Physics. Physics faculty members will each be giving a short five-minute presentation on what they are researching. After this there will be free food in the physics foyer where you can talk to and ask faculty members questions. This is a great opportunity to get to know your professors better, learn about their research, and explore potential opportunities for your involvement!

Wednesday October 08th 12:10:36 PM 2014 by Taylor

PSS Paint Fight and Membership

Just another reminder to fill out the membership form here to stay in the know about PSS events throughout the year!

Also, the PSS will be hosting its first event of the year this Friday, September 12th! We will meet up at 4:30pm in the Physics Student Lounge (the room in the basement of the physics building with a wall of windows). We will then go somewhere outside and start a paint war with each other!! Make sure to bring a white/ light coloured shirt that will look cool when it gets painted, and make sure to wear some pants you are okay with getting painted! If you don't have a shirt you want to be painted, you could head to Walmart or let one of the PSS executive know (we have some extra shirts you could use). Afterwards, we'll have some games in the bowl while we wait for the paint to dry. Come on out, have some fun, and meet some like-minded people!

Monday September 08th 04:33:25 PM 2014 by Taylor

PSS Membership Renewal and Tutor Listing

Hello PSS members!

We are drawing nearer to a new and exciting school year, and the new PSS executive members have some great plans in store! First, we have made some small changes to the PSS registration form, and we need everyone who still wants to be a PSS member to register once again. The registration form can be found here. Please sign up again to continue to receive PSS updates via email and to receive voting rights at the PSS Annual General Meeting. A reminder will be sent to everyone at the start of September, after which only the members who have registered again will continue to receive emails. New members are welcome to join using the same form!

Another project that we have taken on is creating a list of TUTORS that will be tutoring Physics and EP courses for the upcoming year. University can be hard on even the best of us, and sometimes having a tutor can help us catch up and keep up with challenging courses. To help make finding a tutor easier, we have put the listing on the PSS webpage which can be found here. The webpage has only recently been released, so there are currently few tutors listed, but there will be more tutors on the list as we draw closer to the upcoming term.

If you will be tutoring courses in the 2014-2015 Fall Term, please go to the link above and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Your entry will be reviewed and visible on the website within two business days. While you may list courses other than Physics and EP courses, you must be tutoring at least one Physics/EP course as that is the main intention of the webpage.

If you have any questions or would like some clarification, please contact me, and I will make sure to get back to you promptly. I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer, and the PSS executive looks forward to a great new academic year with you!

Tuesday August 12th 09:28:30 PM 2014 by Taylor

Calling for Undergraduate Research Papers

To all P & EP students with an interest in getting started in publishing research-related content:

USURJ (the University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Research Journal) is an online, faculty-reviewed journal where University of Saskatchewan students can publish their original work. Led by students, the journal celebrates undergraduate contributions to research. The second issue will be published in fall 2014.

USURJ welcomes submissions of research articles, reviews, and papers for the second issue until 15 May 2014. Current University of Saskatchewan students or alumni who have graduated within the past two years are eligible to submit work completed as part of their undergraduate work at the U of S.

More information can be found at


For more information, contact: Liv Marken liv.marken@usask.ca

Monday May 05th 03:18:36 PM 2014 by david


Today the PSS will be having its AGM! We'll be meeting in the lounge at 5:30 PM before heading to a nearby room (likely Phys 175) where the meeting will take place and pizza will be served. Please join us!

Thursday April 10th 07:12:23 AM 2014 by david

P & EP Excellence

Congratulations to EP's very own Shiny Brar, Clifford Ridley, William Davis, Brent Wirachowsky, and Eric Mann for bringing home the win for the Engineering Design Paper Competititon for their 4th year design project!

This is the 4th year in a row that our department has won, with this year's project focused in the realm of nuclear engineering, with previous years' winning projects having ranged from developing satellite telemetry systems, designing an experimental apparatus for visually observing the Zeeman effect, and more! These are nice examples of the wide variety of opportunities available and directions to go in when you're trained in engineering physics.

Thursday March 27th 07:27:43 PM 2014 by david


The PSS AGM will be occurring the evening of April 10th, 2014 at 5:30 PM in the Physics Student Lounge. There will be pizza.

Among other things, changes to the constitution and elections for the 2014-2015 exec will occur.

Monday March 24th 08:56:24 AM 2014 by david

PSS Movie Night

Tonight (Friday March 14th, starting at 7 pm!) we're having a Movies and Games night! There will be board games, an Xbox 360 (with Guitar Hero 2 & 3, Halo, and more), and we'll be looking to watch an as-of-yet undetermined (but easily influenced by you!) movie.

Friday March 14th 12:48:30 AM 2014 by david

Grad Banquet

Our grad banquet is booked for March 28th, in the Exeter Room at Marquis Hall! It will be in the evening, and tickets are now for sale ($25 for students, $35 for non-students). Tickets are available during office hours from the Physics Department main office, or from any PSS executive member (just come by the lounge and ask!).

Friday March 14th 12:08:51 AM 2014 by david

T-Shirt Sales and PSS Teaching Award Nominations

Winter Semester Updates

Hi PSS Members!

I hope the new semester is treating you well.

The PSS has a couple of updates for you!

First: a last minute reminder that the CJ Mackenzie gala costs only $5 for Physics and Engineering Physics students when you buy it from the Physics office ($25 for students otherwise), and you get a fancy meal, networking opportunities (you sit at a table with industry reps), and a riveting speech on Nuclear Power by Charles Till. It's worth it if only just to try on some fancy clothes! You can still buy tickets until noon tomorrow. For more information.

To look forward to later this semester:

  • - Upcoming Movie Night (next Friday at 6:30pm - movie selection is easily influenced by your suggestions.
  • - T-shirt sales! (week before February break)
  • - an alumni-student mixer where you'll get all kinds of opportunities to learn about possible career options and meet cool Physics and Engineering Physics graduates (details forthcoming, tentatively planned for mid-February)
  • - Valentine's Decorate-A-Bag-And-Send/Receive-Cards Activity (closer to Valentine's day we'll have the materials out and available)
  • - Physics Students Climbapalooza (Wednesday Jan 29th)
More information available closer to the dates, or by contacting PSS executives.

Wednesday January 15th 05:17:54 PM 2014 by david

PSS Pub Crawl!

Hi PSS Members!

This Saturday, November 23rd, we're having our annual Santa Hat Pub Crawl! The pub crawl will be starting at Dino's, and a bus will take pub crawlers to The Scuz, The Hose, and Winston's. Tickets are $10 and you can purchase them by coming to the table we have in the foyer of the Physics building at lunch throughout the week, coming to the Physics Student's Lounge in the basement of the Physics building and asking for a PSS Member about tickets, or e-mailing me or another exec member.

In addition, we continue to sell PSS Deals Cards for Dino's for $5.

Monday November 18th 12:15:56 PM 2013 by david

PSS Faculty/Undergrad Mixer

The PSS is hosting a social event TODAY for students to see presentations by our department's faculty about their research and research opportunities for undergrads and prospective grad students. It will be at 3pm in Phys 103, and food/casual socializing will follow the faculty presentations at 4pm.

Apologies for the late addition to the website blog - notifications have made it to the Facebook group and the PSS email list but hadn't made it here yet!

Tuesday November 12th 11:56:43 AM 2013 by david

PSS Movie Night

There will be a PSS Movie Night on November 1st at 6pm!

We'll have some free chips and pop available, and we'll be putting up a vote for which movie(s) folks would like to see. See the PSS Facebook group for information/voting on the movie selection.

Waste Reduction Week Workshops

Norway Info Session, Movie Night, Hot Dogs and Dino's Cards

We just have a couple announcements for today. The first is that there's a casual come-and-go information session today at 4:30 pm after the seminar about studying as an undergrad exchange student or as a graduate student at the University of Oslo in Norway! Katrine Langvad, the international coordinator at UOslo's Physics and Electronics Department, is here to talk to students about exchange opportunities and details thereof. There'll also be cookies and coffee/tea, so even if you're not sure, you should still come!

In other news, the PSS is planning a movie night for November 1st. We'll throw an event page up on the PSS Facebook Group where people can vote on the movie. There'll be food!

Finally, there'll be hot dog sales today at lunch, where you'll also be able to buy one of our 5$ Dino's Deals cards (see the Oct 7th post for information on the deal).

Thursday October 17th 01:17:57 PM 2013 by david

Free Pizza at the PSS Wall Sit!

Hi Physics folks! Tomorrow around/after 12:30 and Wednesday around/after 12:30 we're having our yearly Wall-Sit competition as part of our Physics-students-are-casually-semi-active series. There will be FREE PIZZA so come on down and give it a go!

Monday October 07th 05:00:57 PM 2013 by david

Deals on our Dino's Coupons

We're selling Deal Cards for meal and drink deals at Dino's (the beloved second floor bar and grill in Sutherland)! The following are the details:

$3.50 House Highballs Anytime
$4.25 Molson Schooners Anytime
$12.00 Molson Pitchers Anytime
Lounge food specials; deeply discounted and add up to huge savings!
Weekly drink and food features!


Be sure to show the card BEFORE ordering.
Prices do not apply to take-out.
Tag is valid for only one person.
Not valid after Sept 2014.
Valid only in restaurant.
Food deals are blacked out from Friday/Saturday from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Monday October 07th 03:49:17 PM 2013 by david

Research/Coursework Exchange to Germany

To all physics students:

If you're at all interested in A) having a life-changing experience travelling to a foreign country and making friends from around the world, B) Interested in getting research experience, or C) Networking with researchers and peers from around the world, you might be interested in doing a research exchange to Technische Universität Darmstadt! More information is available at the TU Darmstadt site or with this brochure .

Dr. Peter von Neumann Cosel is at the U of S until Friday Sept 27th, and is interested in talking to students that are interested in person or via e-mail (vnc ikp.tu-darmstadt.de )


This Wednesday (Sept 18th) it's time for the PSS' sister organization, PEGASUS, to throw their second annual Welcome Back Barbecue!

Tickets are $3 for entry (and food), and once you're in, $4 for beer and $5 for Guinness. The barbecue will be taking place at the GSA Commons, which is the chapel-like building that's south of Maclean Hall and West of St. Thomas More.

Furthermore, both the PSS and PEGASUS are beginning their weekly food sales this week, starting with PEGASUS' pizza sale today in the Physics foyer, followed by the PSS hot dog sale on Thursday.

Today at the PEGASUS pizza sale, you'll be able to also buy $5 PSS Gold Memberships for food and drink deals at Dino's (I'll get the specific deal details up here asap, for now I'll just say it would pay itself off with one visit to Dino's), as well as the PEGASUS BBQ tickets for tomorrow.

Tuesday September 17th 11:44:03 AM 2013 by david

Welcome Back from the PSS

Welcome back to all students, Physics, Engineering Physics, and other!

As always, if you haven't signed up for general membership so far (basically just so we know you exist, and you can opt in for e-mails), we encourage you to do so here.

To all students that are interested in getting to know more of the physics students at the U of S or to get more involved with the PSS, come on down to the physics student lounge in the basement of the physics building, and feel free to say hi to any of us on the exec. This year we hope to be active in setting up movie nights, events at Dino's (where we have awesome student deals if you get our $5 'PSS Gold' Membership cards), and more, as well as maintaining our academic purpose of helping out students by expanding our exam file and helping out with conference funding.

Tuesday September 17th 11:34:05 AM 2013 by david

PSS AGM 2013

The 2013 PSS AGM will take place on April 4th 2013 at 2:00pm in the Physics Student Lounge

Attendance is highly recommended. Being present at the AGM will allow you to cast your vote and opinion on amendments to the PSS constitution and on the new 2013-2014 PSS executive.

Thursday March 14th 06:33:16 PM 2013 by Ronan

PSS Teaching Award

This year the PSS has decided to begin the 'PSS Teaching Award'. This award seeks to recognize outstanding efforts in the Physics department. The voting poll for nominations is now open here.

If performing the nomination online is not your thing, there will also be a voting box in the Physics student lounge for written nominations.

Friday February 08th 10:38:03 AM 2013 by Ronan

PSS T-Shirt Sale

Hello to all,
Let's break this long period of no updates with news that is always fun to hear:

The annual T-Shirt sale will begin Monday, February 11th and finish on Friday, February 15th. A table with shirt designs, colors and sizes will be in the main Physics Foyer for the duration of the week. Each shirt will be sold for 20$.
As well, a few designs from last year will be available for sale at the table; these are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can't wait that long to see the designs? Come check them out here and revel in their awesomeness.

Don't miss your chance to own some amazing nerdy shirts and help out the Physics Student Society with your purchases!

Wednesday February 06th 09:43:30 PM 2013 by Ronan

DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship

DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship to Germany 2013-2014
Highly qualified undergraduate students are invited to apply for scholarships funding study, senior thesis research and/or internships in Germany. The goal of this program is to support study abroad in Germany and at German universities. Preference will be given to students whose projects or programs are based at and organized by a German university. Scholarships are available either as part of an organized study abroad program or as part of an individual, student-designed study abroad semester or year.
Be aware, that the deadline of January 31st 2013 is for students wishing to study in Germany between fall 2013 through July 2014. More information at: https://www.daad.org/?p=47220

Monday December 03rd 06:33:47 PM 2012 by Ronan

CaNoRock Exchange Program

The Canada-Norway Student Sounding Rocket (CaNoRock) exchange program is a partnership between the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, the University of Oslo, and the Andoya Rocket Range in Norway. Join CaNoRock and be one of the undergraduate students to spend a week on site at the Andoya Rocket Range, gaining hands-on experience at scientific rocket and payload instrument design.

Click here to find more information!

Friday January 11th 03:43:54 PM 1980 by Ronan

PEGASUS Welcome Back BBQ

A message from PEGASUS (Physics and Engineering Physics Graduate Association of Students at the University of Saskatchewan).

PHYSICS WELCOME BACK BBQ SEPTEMBER 27. Have you bought your tickets yet!? They're only $3! That gives you food. Drinks are $4. Buy your tickets in the Physics Main Office. BBQ is in the Graduate Commons on the corner of Wiggins and College.

Friday September 21st 12:15:07 PM 2012 by Ronan

PSS Membership

Hello and welcome back to all students. The PSS(Physics Student Society) executive hopes that you all had a wonderful and exciting summer.

This year, in order to stay informed of all of the PSS activities, it is required that you sign-up to become a PSS member. This process is quick, simple and can be found here.

Any information posted will be stored and not publicly accessible, with the exception of the NSID used for e-mail purposes if (and if is stressed) you decide to share it when registering.

Have a great year and we all hope to see you at many PSS events as well as the Physics Student Lounge.

Tuesday September 18th 07:12:49 PM 2012 by Ronan

Canadian Synchrotron Summer School

The CLS annually hosts a national summer school that is scheduled for July 16-24. This year's theme is materials science and is intended for researchers in solid state chemistry and physics. No prior experience with synchrotron techniques is assumed or required. Further information about the school and syllabus details can be found at www.lightsource.ca/education/summerschool.

The number of participants is limited at 30 to ensure meaningful hands-on experiences. The early bird deadline for applications to the school is May 31st but there are some spaces still open.

Thursday May 17th 10:01:30 PM 2012 by Ronan

New Constitution

After the held AGM, a new constitution for the PSS was written and is now available here. The minutes for the AGM are available here.

The PSS wishes you all a great summer!

Thursday May 17th 09:57:33 PM 2012 by Ronan

Amendments to the Constitution

A list of amendments to the present constitution is now available on the website here. Proposing amendments to the constitution will still be possible at the AGM, it is however recommended to be familiar with those suggested in this document.

Once again, the AGM will take place on April 22nd at 1pm in the student physics lounge.

Thursday April 19th 02:58:59 PM 2012 by Ronan


The PSS will have its AGM on April 22nd at 1pm (tentatively in the physics lounge)

At this meeting the constitution will be amended and the voting of the 2012-2013 PSS executive will take place.

Amendments to the constitution must be sent to Philip Boutin at president {at} pss [period] usask [dot] ca by no later than 22h local time on Sunday April 15th

A current copy of the constitution is available here

Thursday April 05th 06:27:25 PM 2012 by Ronan

Cuts for Cancer

The Physics and Engineering Physics Graduate and Undergraduate students have teamed up to host a cuts for cancer hair drive and fundraiser. Helping this cause can be anything from monetary pledge to hair donation.

For more information visit the website or take a look at the poster

Thursday March 22nd 11:20:35 AM 2012 by Ronan

Undergraduate School on Experimental Quantum Information

As each year, Waterloo offers their one-of-a-kind opportunity to delve in the quantum world.
Twenty students will be accepted in The Undergraduate School on Experimental Quantum Information Processing (USEQIP) for their two week program.

The deadline for applications is March 5, 2012.

For more information and to access the application form, please visit their website

Saturday February 04th 12:10:41 PM 2012 by Ronan

Santa Hat Pub Crawl

The Santa Hat Pub Crawl will take place on Friday November 25th. Starting place and time is the Beer night from 6pm to 8pm at Dino's.

The Pub Crawl, starting at 8pm, will start at Dino's Bar and Grill and make stops at The Colonial, The Hose and Hydrant and Tequila's.

Tickets are 10$!

Wednesday November 16th 01:33:10 PM 2011 by Ronan

Welcome back

The 2011-2012 PSS (Physics Student Society) executive wishes to welcome all returning undergraduate and graduate students as well as all of the newcomers to the physics world. Be certain to drop by the Physics Student Lounge every now and then, and to visit the website to stay up to date with all the events to come throughout the year.

We also wish to remind everyone about the CUPC registration which will be open until September 18th. If you plan on signing up, be certain to do it soon.

Saturday September 10th 05:57:56 PM 2011 by Ronan

CUPC Webpage

A brief note: GoDaddy, our domain name registrar, has been having an issue where a connection error occurs upon loading our page, http://cupc.ca. I'm working on getting this resolved; in the meantime just hitting refresh will take you through, or you can visit http://pss.usask.ca/cupc, which is unaffected.

Saturday September 10th 12:07:27 PM 2011 by wilson

CUPC 2011 Registration

Just a notice that CUPC 2011 registration is up and running - visit http://cupc.ca/ to register.

Saturday September 03rd 08:56:46 PM 2011 by wilson

Grad Banquet

Grad tomorrow! Look in the lounge for the aftergrad location.

Friday April 08th 08:22:21 PM 2011 by wilson

T-Shirts are Here

Come down to the lounge and see a PSS exec to get your shirts. They have arrived. Please make sure to sign the form, saying you picked your shirt up, as well.

Thursday March 31st 10:30:36 AM 2011 by wilson

Departmental Considerations Seminar

A last reminder: give feedback to the Dept of Physics and EP - Thursday March 30 at 12.30 in Room 175. There is a signup sheet in front of the physics lounge (free food provided at the seminar), and if you cannot make it you can still give feedback through anonymously editing Departmental Presentation.

Monday March 28th 08:55:57 AM 2011 by wilson

CUPC Volunteer Recruitment Night

Come to the Physics Lounge (basement of the physics building) at 5PM on Sunday, March 13 if you're at all interested in being a part of Canada's only annual, national, student-run undergraduate physics conference (also free pizza)! CUPC 2011 will be held at the University of Saskatchewan next term (see CUPC for details) and if you'd like to help us make the event a great success, we'd appreciate it! We're currently looking to fill the remainder of our VP positions (benefits include free attendance at the conference), and we're always welcoming other volunteers (benefits include a heavily reduced conference fee, just proportional to the cost of the banquet and catering)!

Monday March 07th 10:06:34 PM 2011 by wilson


The T-Shirt designs have been selected, prices have been set, and we'll be selling shirts this week through next Tuesday. You can also order online at Order and you can see this year's current four designs at Shirts.

Wednesday March 02nd 08:41:45 PM 2011 by wilson


We are almost done with our proofing of T-Shirt designs. Expect an online order form/foyer sales coming to you within this coming week. Visit T-Shirts for details.

Tuesday March 01st 07:42:22 PM 2011 by wilson

Departmental Meeting Update

Reminder: giving the Physics Department feedback regarding the Physics or EP program will be done via a departmental meeting mid March - if you have any ideas about how classes could be changed to make the physics/EP program better (and I'm sure you do!) visit Departmental Presentation to register your ideas (anonymously!).

Sunday February 27th 07:10:19 PM 2011 by wilson

Saskatchewan's Innovation Agenda

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall and Rob Norris, Minister Responsible for Innovation, will be making a major announcement regarding the provinces innovation agenda on March 1 in the Physics Foyer at 11am.

Sunday February 27th 06:58:42 PM 2011 by wilson

Computational Neuroscience at University of Ottawa, plus other events

The 5th Computational Neuroscience Summer School is taking place June 5-17 at uOttawa. You should email me (Wilson - webmaster) if you want more info. Other opportunities: 1) the Canadian Undergrad Physics Journal is looking for publications. If you did any summer work you should send it off to them in the form of a paper. 2) a 3-year Osaka, Japan term in patent law posting is available - they like EP students. 3) the CLSI has open postings regarding a BMIT (biomedical imaging) summer student, and 4) the Institute for Quantum Computing is holding a summer school. Deadline for that is Feb 21 so you would need to apply quickly!

Friday February 18th 09:37:39 PM 2011 by wilson

New CUPC Website

We've just released the preliminary Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference webpage, at CUPC. Stay tuned for more updates! And if you're interested in volunteering, just contact us!

Wednesday February 09th 08:52:46 PM 2011 by wilson

CAP Guest Lecturer

Next week Thursday (February 3rd), we will be hosting the annual CAP lecture - Dr. Richard Marchand, from UAlberta. The talk is on space exploration and the celestial environment.

Friday January 28th 09:39:11 AM 2011 by wilson

Departmental Considerations

Some students seemed interested in giving the Physics Department feedback regarding the Physics or EP program. We will arrange for a departmental meeting sometime this term - if you have any ideas about how classes could be changed to make the physics/EP program better (and I'm sure you do!) visit Departmental Presentation to register your ideas (anonymously!).

Tuesday January 25th 09:38:33 PM 2011 by wilson

Physics Potluck

On Tuesday, February 1, 2011, the PSS is sponsoring a potluck in the lounge. Visit the lounge for the signup sheet; this event will take place from 11.00AM, and go through the afternoon. We will bring in a TV for entertainment. Everyone is welcome!

Monday January 24th 06:07:19 PM 2011 by wilson


Sarah, Steve, and Kathryn are in Norway with the CaNoRock program - blogging their adventure at Rockroll. Check it out.

Wednesday January 19th 09:37:01 AM 2011 by wilson

Lunch Potluck

Next week sometime the PSS is going to host a potluck-style lunch in the lounge. More details to come soon.

Tuesday January 18th 10:14:21 PM 2011 by wilson

Summer opportunities - nearing deadlines

There are a couple of research opportunities this summer for Physics and Engineering Physics students. Take a look at Summer 2011 Opportunities for details - one is research at the SLOWPOKE reactor on campus, and the other is research in Hamburg, Germany, on the DESY's OLYMPUS experiment (lepton-proton scattering).

Tuesday January 18th 09:59:00 PM 2011 by wilson

PSS Night at Winston's

The PSS has planned an event January 29 at Winston's with drink specials (starts at 7.00). Come join in!

Tuesday January 18th 09:45:50 PM 2011 by wilson

CUPC 2011

The University of Saskatchewan has won the bid to host CUPC 2011, against stiff competition from Waterloo University. This is a national annual conference by undergraduate students, for undergraduate students. We look forward to making this event happen next October. If you are interested in volunteering ( = free conference attendance), please contact Wilson at webmaster [at] pss.usask.ca. In the next week we will form a committee to plan and organize the event. Participation is excellent experience for your resume, as involvement in hosting a conference of this magnitude and caliber is a great distinguishment in applying for any physics-related job.

Sunday October 24th 09:56:26 PM 2010 by wilson

DAAD 2011

If you're interested in traveling to Germany for three months next summer, you might be interested in the DAAD undergrad scholarship program. They also have funding available for single-term and 10-month stays. Deadlines are near the end of January. Talk to Chary if you're interested, and take a look at their website at DAAD Undergrad (I did their RISE program in 2009 and it was great).

Tuesday November 30th 09:27:00 PM 2010 by wilson

CAP Lecture Tour 2011

I've updated the poll to reflect the choices for our CAP Lecture Tour 2011. You should pick your favourite speaker and vote!

Saturday November 13th 01:21:22 PM 2010 by wilson

Guest Speaker

Thursday, November 18th, we will be receiving Dr. David Pantalony, to give a lecture on tracing physics history at the U of S. There will be the opportunity for students to meet him at noon on the 18th for lunch; please email Debbie at the main office to RSVP (you must RSVP to attend the luncheon). You should reply by November 15th.

In addition, there will be a speaker on Monday November 15th from Osaka University, Japan, in Room 175 at 2.00PM.

Monday November 08th 08:03:46 PM 2010 by wilson

Graduate Studies Preview Fair

On November 16-17, 2010, the university is holding a Grad Studies Preview Fair on the jogging track in the PAC. If you're uncertain about what field of grad studies you'd be suited for, or if you're on the fence about grad studies, you should drop by. Check out Grad Fair for more info.

Friday November 05th 05:43:30 PM 2010 by wilson

Hotdog Sales

We're still waiting on clearance from the USSU regarding hotdog sales; there will be none today.

Monday November 01st 09:29:06 AM 2010 by wilson

CUPC 2011

The University of Saskatchewan has won the bid to host CUPC 2011, against stiff competition from Waterloo University. This is a national annual conference by undergraduate students, for undergraduate students. We look forward to making this event happen next October. If you are interested in volunteering ( = free conference attendance), please contact Wilson at webmaster [at] pss.usask.ca. In the next week we will form a committee to plan and organize the event. Participation is excellent experience for your resume, as involvement in hosting a conference of this magnitude and caliber is a great distinguishment in applying for any physics-related job.

Sunday October 24th 09:55:46 PM 2010 by wilson

Games Night

There will be a PSS Games Night on Sunday October 3, 2010, in the lounge. Come by at 5PM and we'll likely be ordering pizza.

Friday September 24th 09:10:03 AM 2010 by wilson

Information Lunch (FREE)

There is an information lunch for students about the Darmstadt exchange program, on September 30th. We'd like to know how many people are showing up, so we can order enough food. Please visit Info Session to do this!

Monday September 20th 09:41:07 PM 2010 by wilson

Astrophysics Lecture

Prof. Neumann van Cosel will be giving a lecture on nuclear astrophysics on September 30, in seminar. You should attend!

Friday September 17th 08:45:04 AM 2010 by wilson

CUPC - Undergrad Conference (Halifax)

Want to go to Halifax? Currently, there is a seat sale on, and prices are low. The department has guaranteed some funding, and is also looking at other opportunities. So if you did work this summer that resulted in a poster or short talk, you should really attend the CUPC on October 21-25. Here is a cost breakdown:

Flight: $500 - 600

Conference: $350 (with accommodations included)

Other expenses: $100

Total: $1000. It would be a great experience, and if you can get your supervisor to chip in a few hundred, plus other sources, you'll be set. Contact me for info.

Tuesday September 14th 09:03:53 PM 2010 by wilson

PSS Rec Team

The PSS requests that you do sports:


Friday September 10th 04:21:34 PM 2010 by wilson


Keep in mind that the Canadian Undergrad Physics Conference is taking place October 21-25 this year at Dalhousie University. Talk to Chary if you want to go.

Tuesday August 03rd 08:20:50 AM 2010 by wilson

Research Reminder

This is a friendly reminder that if you are doing research at the U of S this summer, it is advisable that you at least begin work on a poster or set of slides now, while it is still fresh in your mind. That way, you will be prepared for any opportunities that arise during the year (notably, the Physics Research Days poster event on campus).

Monday June 28th 01:03:07 PM 2010 by wilson

M.Sc. in Iceland

If you've graduated and still aren't sure what you're looking for, there's an opportunity that's opened up in Iceland that may be of interest. The RES (school for renewable energy) in Iceland is offering a program in a number of energy-related fields that target engineering and physics ability. For information, contact Chary.

Saturday May 29th 06:40:55 PM 2010 by wilson

Research Related News

If you're interested in atmospheric processes, there is a summer opportunity out there for you: the NSF's Research Experience for Undergraduates takes place from June 1 and August 13...in Alaska! Study opportunities include theory and numerical analysis of stable weather, boundary layer research, and the effect of aerosols. Visit Uakjobs, job posting 0059768. The stipend can be as high as $7000.

If you're looking for Physics talks, visit APS Videos for video from the APS March 2010 Meeting trends session. Subjects include optomechanical devices, spintronics, and supercomputers. In addition, the Perimeter Institute posts video feeds from all of its colloquia, so visit their site to see talks on many interesting topics. I recommend the recent one on emergent gravity.

Friday May 14th 03:54:55 PM 2010 by wilson

End of Term

Hope everyone's finals went well, and you're all (nearly) done the term. The PSS executive has a pretty big turnover next year, so look forward to a new PSS and new, exciting things.

If you're an exec for next year, and you don't see your picture on the current exec page, be sure to send me a photo at webmaster [at] pss [dot] usask [dot] ca sometime over the summer, so I can get the new executive page up.

Thursday April 22nd 01:09:01 PM 2010 by wilson

PEP Pwns Keg Suck 2010!!1ONE!1

So, our PEP team dusted the competition at the recent keg suck, thus proving not only our intellectual dominance but also our superchugalugability. Take that, non-physicists!

Monday April 12th 02:01:21 PM 2010 by John McCammon

Rising Stars of Research 2010 and New RSS Feed

The UBC poster competition "Rising Stars of Research" is happening August 18-20, 2010, on Vancouver's UBC campus. Application opens May 10th, but if you are interested, definitely check out Rising Stars for more information. There is over $5000 in prizes to be won. I participated a few years back, and it essentially gives you travel and room and board for the meeting. All you need is some original research and a poster. It certainly can't hurt to apply, and it's good to keep this in mind early so you have time to build up an application (you will need a letter of reference from your supervisor, if I remember).

In other news, I updated the RSS feed. If you're currently using a feed reader to view this, don't worry - you don't need to do anything. But, it now complies with Firefox's (somewhat picky) standards. To view the latest PSS events, just visit PSS Feed. If you select "Live Bookmarks" with Firefox, you add the feed as a bookmark to your web browser, and it will automatically update itself with the latest PSS events. Try it out!

Sunday March 28th 09:08:40 PM 2010 by wilson

Physics Lounge Computers

Check out the new poll - we want to know what you think of the new lounge machines, and what should become of them.

Tuesday March 23rd 01:11:48 PM 2010 by wilson

Fencing Training Session

The PSS is having a fencing training session. Yes fencing... we are willing to allow university students the opportunity to fight each other. This event will be taking place Saturday March 20th 6-8 pm at the PAC Dance Studio. The cost of attending this event will be $10 and from this $10 you will get a membership to the Saskatoon Fencing Club and two hours of practice and fighting for bragging rights over your peers that your speed, acceleration, and positioning are far superior to that of your opponent. There are a limited number of spots available for this event as there is only so much equipment for everyone. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Please email stw368@mail.usask.ca to register and arrange a time to pay. Your spot is not guaranteed until you pay the $10 fee.

Thursday March 11th 03:35:21 PM 2010 by shawn

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